Tasmanian Thumb Sucking Clinic

Mouth Matters Orofacial Myology and Thumb Sucking Therapy 3 kids smiling

Little mouths deserve every opportunity to develop well.

In conjunction with Mouth Matters Orofacial Myology treatments, the Tasmanian Thumb Sucking Clinic offers positive solutions for those with non-nutritive sucking and biting habits.

Unfortunately, if these habits are not eliminated, they can often have a negative influence on jaw growth & development, cause crooked teeth, impact health (germs & worms!), result in airway issues and create self esteem issues for the child.

Habits treated include thumb & finger sucking, dummy sucking, nail biting, clothes/toy chewing, pen chewing, and other non-nutritive sucking habits.

The only one of its kind in the State, The Tasmanian Thumb Sucking Clinic offers programs which are presented in fun, positive & timely ways, which encourage, support and empower the child to successfully eliminate their habit.

At Mouth Matters and The Tasmanian Thumb Sucking Clinic, we work closely with other health professionals to ensure your needs are best met. We work closely with ENTs, dentists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists and other relevant health care providers to ensure the best treatment options for you.