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Did You Know?… Pressure on your teeth

Only a light force of approximately 1.5 grams of pressure is needed to move a tooth within the jaw? Incorrect tongue posture when swallowing can produce forces of up to 500 grams of pressure, with the lower lip being able to exert a force of up to 300 grams!!  

Did you know?… Crowded Teeth

The roof of your mouth (your palate) is around 80% of the floor of your nose? Mouth-breathing individuals have a tendency to develop a narrow palate, leading to nasal constriction as well as crowding of teeth. The most common cause of crowded teeth is not that the teeth are too big for the jaws, but […]

Skip the Sippy Cup!

Let’s face it, sippy cups make life less messy and so a whole lot easier for Mum & Dad.  But the next step on from breast or bottle is to learn to drink from an open cup, held by an adult to limit the spills. The sippy cup unfortunately promotes an infantile swallow pattern, with […]